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Dept. II - Technology

“As much technology as necessary, as much creative design as possible,” is the guiding principle behind our technology training at HFF. We never teach technical knowledge as an end in itself, but always with an eye to crafting images and sounds.

At HFF, all our students traditionally begin their studies with a technical introduction to cinematography: It’s important that directors and (line) producers be proficient in the technology of film and television, as well as in their production design elements. Only then can they lead a film crew, creatively realize their film ideas, and convincingly overlook, plan and control their production.

The data in a digital camera, the possible workflows in post-production, the characteristics of a microphone or the color space of a projection system remain mere theory, unless they become sensually tangible. After all, this knowledge for practical application. That’s why all our course elements are dual – theoretical course matter is always coupled with a practical student exercise, with subsequent analysis and evaluation of the results.

In addition to instruction, the Technology department, with its tenured 18-member staff, is also in charge of the entire technical production infrastructure at HFF, from camera rental and post-production to screening-room projection. This integration is unique among film schools. The relocation to our new complex has raised our technical equipment and facilities to a new level: HFF has one of the best media technology infrastructures of any film school around the world.