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Guest audition

At the University for Television and Film, it is possible to attend individual courses as a guest auditor. Guest auditors can be admitted if the departments find the application justified. There is no placement test for guest auditors. Admission is for one semester and can be cancelled at any time. New auditors are admitted only in the winter semester. Guest auditors do not have student status and do not take exams. At the end of the semester, they can receive a record of the courses they enrolled in as guest auditors. Guest auditors are not entitled to borrow or independently use HFF equipment (which excludes our department Cinematography for Guest auditors), nor can they realize their own projects at HFF. Acceptance as an auditor does not entitle guests to be accepted as regular students in a later academic year.

Guest auditor application

You will receive the guest student application for the winter semester 2024/2025 here in June 2024. Link Application Form

The guest auditor application must be submitted to the information desk in the foyer of the HFF Munich, Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1, 80333 Munich.

To apply for a guest audience, very good knowledge of German at the level of the German language diploma, second level, is required:
- the lectures take place exclusively in German,
- The application documents must be submitted in German.

The guest application must contain the reasons for the application. The following documents must be attached to the application:
- Handwritten curriculum vitae with exact information about the education and the previous professional activity
- Proof of formal admission requirements, see
- Applicants with foreign educational certificates please note the information at

The acknowledgement of foreign educational certificates is carried out since the admission procedure for the winter semester 2017/2018 via uni-assist e.V. /
uni-assist is a service center for international student applications; uni-assist examines and evaluates foreign educational certificates. Applicants will receive a so-called preliminary examination documentation (VPD) after their certificates have been submitted. They will submit their application documents to the HFF Munich.
uni-assist usually requires eight weeks to complete the proof of education.
The examination begins only when the processing fee has been received and the written documents are completely available for the examination.

To round out your application for admission as guest auditor, you can add any other suitable certificates or work samples; e.g. photographs, texts or publications; up to size DIN A4. Please do not enclose video cassettes or CD-ROMs.

Under the university fee schedule, dated 18  June 2007, guest auditors attending courses with up to five course hours per semester week pay a guest auditor fee of 100 euros per semester. The fee is to be paid upon enrollment at the Student Service Center.