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Division: Advertising

“Much spectacle, often with smoke and mirrors, was always intended to capture people‘s attention. Among the multiplying streams flooding our senses with excitation, ‘higher, further, louder‘ gets drowned in the mass of stimulation. Eyes and ears turn away. How can we capture people’s attention in the future? Through imagination, experimentation, lateral thinking, and story-telling. And through identification with the people we wish to reach. Ahead of us lies an era of ideas! Let’s take part.”

That was more or less what we stated in our profile these last few years, and none of it has changed. The advertising industry, however, is undergoing processes of continous evolution and restructuring. We not only very closely observe these processes, we are a part of them, and pass these experiences on to our students.

Together we look for solutions, find trends, try new approaches and channel this into commercials. We see the HFF Advertising subdepartment as a training ground for future feature-film and documentary directors, television journalists, authors, camerapersons and producers who are interested in examining  advertising, as well as for budding advertising-film producers. Following the principle: “There’s no law that says artists have to be hungry.”

The objective is to provide the most gifted future “ad people” the foundation: a show reel. In a simulation of actual industry practice, from ideation to finished spot; in close collaboration with clients, from the presentation to the approval of ideas; and through the creative, organizational and technical realization of their ideas, our students acquire the experience that will give them a smooth career start.

“Producing and shooting advertising films requires creative thinking, disciplined actions, enthusiasm, commitment, assertiveness, an ability to achieve consensus, willingness to cooperate, and lots of strength. Advertising is fun!”

How to get to know us

As one element of our training, we frequently initiate collaboration with firms and agencies. Interested? We will be happy to send you our current showreel.

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