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HFF Munich Library

The HFF Munich Library has gained a reputation as one of the leading libraries in Germany and Europe specialized in film and television. Our prime concern is to provide the most complete stock of  film and television literature in the predominant Western languages.

Our collection

Some 70,000 books
Some 100 currently subscribed periodicals,
as well as numerous older magazine volumes.
Some 19,000 DVD
Some 180 Blu-ray discs
Some 5,000 VHS cassettes
Several thousand press dossiers on film personalities and film-related topics
A collection of international screenplays, including published versions, as well as a selection of original screenplays.
Of unique scope: The collection of so-called “grey literature“, including rare cinema and film programs, trade conference material and film festival catalogues.
One of our most valuable acquisitions is the private film history archive purchased in 1996, comprising a vast assortment of old movie magazines, film program volumes and film books, from the period between 1920 and 1960.


Film, television and media studies (all thematic aspects)
Select publications from related specialized areas (photography, fine arts, literature, etc.)


Strictly a reference library without lending service, the HFF Library is open to all interested parties. Photocopying machines and viewing booths for DVD, Blu-ray and VHS are available.

Multimedia items can be borrowed by all affiliates of HFF Munich
(students, instructors and other staff).
Basic loan period, DVDs: 1 week
Basic loan period, books: 4 weeks
It is general Library policy not to lend out periodicals or press dossiers.
Overdue fees are charged for media retained longer than the loan period; 50 cents per overdue item per day.
Legal basis: General library regulations (6 July 2011)


Peter Heinrich | Head of Library
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Elisabeth Kieweg
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Gundula Schiedeck
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Ilka Poppen
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