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Our program focuses on the following areas: production, media management, dramaturgy / story development, finance / distribution, marketing and law. Supplementary course elements round out the curriculum.

Each focus area is covered by one or more head instructors. The department attaches great importance to the linking of theory with praxis. Many of our instructors are in top media professionals.
Our students demonstrate their acquired knowledge in oral and written exams, as well as practical and theoretical seminar projects.

Personal supervision of film productions is an integral part of our training, as is the completion of numerous internships.

Students round out their Department V curriculum by attending courses in Department I – Media Studies (film and television theory, film and television history and film analysis), Department II – Technology (introduction to cinematography, post-production, TV technology, etc.), as well as in the areas Dramaturgy and Creative Writing, Television Journalism, as well as Advertising.