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The course of studies spans eight semesters, divided into two parts: core and main studies.

During their first year of studies, students not only receive a basic foundation of theoretical knowledge, but also form teams to produce an animated film each.
This is followed by a focus on photorealistic VFX design as a virtual production process, along with coordinated interaction with other HFF departments. The result is a collaborative VFX project, combining live-action shoot and digital cinematography.
Advancing to their main course of studies, VFX students are charged with providing the visual effects for a number of HFF Munich student productions – handling the design and planning, right through to the coordination and production.
A practical work semester is also included in the VFX study program.

For their diploma project, students take on either the VFX design or VFX producing for a final student film.

The VFX course curriculum is continuously expanded and revised in response to current aesthetic and technical developments in the VFX industry.

Curriculum (excerpt):

- Developing stories with virtual worlds and/or figures
- Virtual production workflow
- Visualization: storyboards, pre-viz, concept art
- VFX supervision
- VFX financing and producing
- VFX-relevant aspects of such innovative technologies as: games, AI, machine learning, AR, VR, and XR

Practical work in VFX:

- Software courses and guided training in all VFX areas
- Project development and planning 
- 3D computer animation
- Motion capture 
- Matte paintings and environments
- Compositing 
- Basic technical skills: system administration and scripting