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Ave Maria

Alicia, Ania, Sybille and the Virgin Mary.
A snap- shot of three women and their lives, revolving around Catholicism.

Alicia lives in Seville with her four year old daughter Nazareth. Great demands lie on daily life and motherhood. Mother and daughter take part in the processions of the Holy Week. Alicia is seeking comfort and hope from the Mother of God.

Ania works as an organist in a church in Poland. Catholicism is a deep rooted expression of the identity of the country, with Mary being the advocate of the nation. Ania stands somewhere in between her expectations towards life, and the traditions that her profession involves.

The main theme of Sybille’s art is the role of the woman and especially the figure of the Virgin Mary. In her daily life though, she searches for strength and harmony with the help of religion. Both are not easy to combine.

A bitter-sweet collage about the life of three women. Their ideas, spirituality, pains and hopes against the background of the whirling of catholic rituals and catholic lifestyle.