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Love Alien

People refer to them as hopeless cases, total beginners or people without experience. They've never held hands or made out at the movies. They don't know how to find a partner, how to make love work. They've fallen in love but were never loved back. Still, you would never know it just by looking at them. They come in all shapes and sizes: skinny and overweight, male and female, young and old. Unseen and unkissed, they suffer in silence, forced to come to terms with a life lived alone – a life that always feels temporary because, no matter what, they just can't give up hope...

LOVE ALIEN is a film told in the first person: an inside look at having to live single in a world where love is everywhere. It’s the search for an answer to the question “Why?”, for an end to loneliness, for a way into the world of lovers.

Documentary filmmaker Wolfram Huke carried a small camera around with him for an entire year, from his 29th to his 30th birthday. His original plan was to find a partner, but that didn't work. Both women and love proved camera-shy. Instead, Wolfram pointed the camera at his own lifestyle, took short excursions into the world of lovers and began to work on himself. The result is a merciless examination of himself and of others that brings many things to light – just no easy answer.

Hof - Internationale Hofer Filmtage//2012


DOK.fest München//2013