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Target careers

The Department of Documentary Film and Television Journalism trains directors and writers for all non-fictional forms. Directors, working collaboratively with other creatives in front of and behind the camera, are the shaping and unifying force in the creation of a cinematic work. To do so, they require skills such as communication, the ability for self-reflection, keen observation, and a critical awareness of political, social, and societal processes.

The professional goal of this course is the long-form artistic documentary film, as well as features, reportages and essays. What matters is that you find your own path. Boundaries can be tested, such as staged elements in documentary filmmaking, the use of animation and VFX, hybrid narrative forms - with a crucial emphasis on a direct connection to reality.

Trained directors can find employment as independent filmmakers, as commissioning editors in TV and production companies, working as freelance artists, writers, researchers, dramaturges, and story developers, as television journalists or online journalists. Furthermore, opportunities arise in other "genres," such as promotional films, industrial films, educational films, for children and youth television, and in the entire field of media education.