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Projects and editions

Chair: Creative Writing - editions

Current Editions

The contributing authors were students of the Departments III, V and VI.

EDITION 33 – 2013: Torremolinos / Spain – Skizzen und Notizen

EDITION 32 – 2012: Istanbul / Turkey – Istanbul komsu

EDITION 31 – 2012: exhibition catalog FLASHBACK
The catalog is available from the Chair. It includes a total of 19 texts from the exhibition. You can also listen to audio files of the texts, recited by the authors.

EDITION 30 - 2011: Istanbul / Turkey – Istanbul – tesekkür ederim

EDITION 29 – 2010: Egypt – Aller Anfang

Chair: Creative Writing - projects

Since 2000: writing project week for our new students 

The seminar Writing in a Different Place with Prof. Doris Dörrie has a long tradition. Each summer, with our new students, we travel to a different place. There they experience the creative potential of unfamiliar surroundings. They learn to apply  dramatic models to observations, research and participant observation. Each day, the evolving stories are discussed and developed in the group. The product is our annually published EDITION, a bound volume with about 100 pages.
What the students take away from this process continues to benefit them during their ensuing years of study. That’s why this is one of the most important seminars of the Creative Writing Chair. You will find PDFs of the latest editions at the link below. All the editions can be purchased from the Chair for a nominal charge.
The seminar takes place each summer and is always offered to the second-semester students in Departments III, V and VI – we can accommodate 12 to 15 students – thus promoting networking among the disciplines, right at the beginning of the students’ courses of studies. 

Writing project-week destinations & edition titles:

  • Sketches and Notes… Torremolinos
  • Istanbul komsu… Turkey
  • Tesekkür ederim… Istanbul
  • All Beginnings… Egypt
  • ”All inclusive” at Playa del Ingles
    German Tourists and African Refugees on a Beach
  • Project Week in Jerusalem
    Journey to the Heart and Margins of the City (Jerusalem) - A joint writing workshop with The Sam Spiegel Film School
  • Bloodsucker Stories… A Journey to Dracula in Transsylvania
  • Writing, writing, writing ... in an Alpine Meadow
  • The Way of St. James as Personal Hero’s Journey ... Santiago de Compostela
  • Writing, Seeing and Shooting ... in Havana
  • and Thoughts in a Morbid City ... in Venice
  • and Art .... in Bilbao
  • Writing, writing, writing ... in the snow

Since 2012: Speedpitch – the path to the industry

Networking with all the renowned Munich-based film and TV production companies
A joint project of the Creative Writing Chair and Department VI Screenplay.
Organized  by two students in collaboration with Ms. Morgane Remter, the student project Speed Pitch hosts a sort of SPEED-DATING for all our screenwriting students, with regional industry representatives. The objective of the SPEEDPITCH project is concrete preparation for the industry, by enabling our screenwriting students, during their studies, to already form their first networks.
Launched in the summer semester 2012, the project is organized parallel to official classes. All participating students are intensively coached in advance.

Our guests to date were:

18 producers – SS 2012
Rat Pack Film: Christian Becker
Lieblingsfilm: Philipp Budweg, Robert Marciniak
TV 60 Film: Sven Burgemeister, Andreas Schneppe
NDF: Susanne Freyer, Miriam Düssel
collina Filmproduktion: Anke Gadesmann
Olga Film: Viola Jäger und Anita Schneider
Megaherz: Fidelis Mager, Franz Gernstl
Wiedemann & Berg Film: Tanja Marzen
BAVARIA Film: Ronald Mühlfellner, Hamid Baroua
CONSTANTIN TV: Kerstin Schmidbauer, Friedrich Wildfeuer
SamFilm: Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton

10 producers – WS 12/13
DIE FILM: Sophia Aldenhoven
chestnut films: Philip Voges, Ilja Haller
Dreamtool Entertainment: Felix Zackor
Caligari Film: Gabriele Walther
DRIFE Film: Martin Richter, Florian Deyle
collina filmproduktion: Anke Gadesmann, Roswitha Bauer
Odeon Film: Malte Can

13 producers – SS 2013
Caligari Film: Marcus Hamann
Claussen+Wöbke+Putz: Uli Putz, Amelie Syberberg
Construction Film: Nina Maag, Miriam Ferstl
Film1: Grit Fischer
Hager Moos Film: Carmen Stozek
OLGA FILM: Anita Schneider, Arbia-Magdalena Said
Rat Pack Filmproduktion: Christian Becker, Nina Trachte, Lena Schömann
Sam Film: Marie-Amelie Rechberg

2012: Web series

In 5 weeks – from idea to post-produced Web series, with Tom Schlesinger

During these four specialization weeks (29 October to 23 November 2012), our CREATIVE WRITING students developed, shot and edited a WEB SERIES. Seminar instructor was distinguished and internationally renowned screenplay & creativity coach TOM SCHLESINGER. During the first two weeks, the seminar participants were also instructed by Canadian Web-series producer MIKE SCHAUSS. For the dramaturgical supervision of the German-language episode scripts, as well as post-production, we were able to recruit German screenwriter and director ROBERT KRAUSE. All other preparation, execution and production tasks were independently handled by the seminar participants, in cooperation with MAYA REICHERT, MORGANE REMTER and production manager ANNA-KATHARINA BREHM.
To see the photo album we created for this project, go to our facebook page, with albums at the following link:
About this project, Tom Schlesinger (USA) and Mike Schauss (Canada) wrote:

The course will explore using webseries production as a tool and process by which to develop quality source material. The task will be to produce a pilot (4-6min) and possibly further episodes of a web series of each 4 minutes under the guidance of Tom Schlesinger and the "Writing Room Approach" within the timeframe of 3,5 weeks. The location for the shoot will be in Munich. We'll be shooting with Available Light and a simple HD- camera. We edit while writing and shooting.
The project should have the feel of a playful, light and easy implementation. Main goal of the seminar is to learn how write for the web series format and how to fast and easily set up and actually carry out a creative project as a team.
The process adopts some of the ideas of “AGILE” or “LEAN” development that emphasize publishing features of your story (Scenes, characters, traits, plotpoints) to the class for the purpose of implementing the appropriate feedback. The process is sometimes described as “BUIL, MEASURE, LEARN” or “FAIL EARLY, AND FAIL OFTEN”.
What is unique to the course is the process of shooting, editing and distributing are embedded into the writing & development process from the inception of the idea. The goal will be to have a standalone webseries pilot with four Episodes that will also serve as the first development steps of a quality story with integrity.

2012 - Exhibition FLASHBACK

A multimedia exhibition by second-semester students in Department VI (Screenplay), with Departments III (Direction) and V (Production)
In this May 2012 seminar, Creative Writing students under Professor Doris Dörrie used the magic formula “I remember ...“ to search their childhood or youth for items of clothing, about which they then wrote fictionalized texts.
From these stories arose, during the following weeks, a multimedia exhibition entitled FLASHBACK. The entire HFF Munich lobby, from the ground to its ten-meter ceiling, became a showcase for these stories and the corresponding clothing. Visitors used the lobby’s suspended walkways, three to seven meters up, to view the exhibition from different perspectives, as they listened to the students reciting their own texts via audioguide. The recited texts are still available online, as audio files, and there is a photo album of the exhibition on our facebook page.
HFF alumnus MATTHIAS KAMMERMEIER, the distinguished exhibition maker (designing for such renowned exhibition venues as the Egyptian Art Museum, the Hypo-Kulturstiftung, etc.) curated the exhibition. As set decorator, EMINE CAPARTAS took on the task of procuring, except in the few cases of surviving originals, authentic copies of the articles of clothing in the texts. Each of the displayed items was integrated into a three meter long banner graphically conveying the content of the story and the mood of the text. The students’ texts were made sensually accessible – recited – and could be listened to via audioguide while touring the exhibition. We are especially delighted by our sponsor, the renowned company ANTENNA INTERNATIONAL, which supported the project with a contribution of the audioguides indispensable to the exhibition. The exhibition  catalogue contains the texts, along with photographs of the recalled garments.
The exhibition gave the screenwriting students a platform for presenting texts that usually remain largely invisible, while the freshly occupied new building at 1 Bernd-Eichinger-Platz was uniquely animated with the students’ works and a dialog initiated with the surrounding Museum District.

The seminar 'Writing Monologue' – the origin of the exhibition:

“Ich erinnere mich an ...“ (“I remember ...“) This magic formula served as the intro to the texts created by our screenwriting students in the Creative Writing seminar “Writing Monologue”, held by Professor Doris Dörrie. The students in the Creative Writing program were asked to retrieve a treasure from their memories by recalling  long forgotten, deeply cherished or vehemently loathed items of clothing from their childhood or youth. In May 2012, in our one-week seminar at HFF Munich, texts, stories and fragments evolved, revolving around this memory trove. And treasures, as we all know, lie deep down, at the bottom of the sea. To cautious swimmers, who always keep their heads above water and don't dare encounter themselves in the depths of  their own underworld, interesting fish and hidden treasure remain out of reach. Our students train their writing muscle so they can dive deep and discover the treasure resting inside every person. That’s what they then wrote about in their texts. “And it would be a pity for the result to simply vanish in a drawer,“ said Professor Doris Dörrie. She therefore proposed a student-designed exhibition around the written texts. 

Listen to the exhibition texts read by the students

Click below to listen to the exhibition texts. For the audioguide, our students read their own texts out loud. In our exhibition catalogue, you can view the catalogue photos of the items of clothing.

01 - Schlübba - Franziska Schiedung
02 - Rucksackkind - Britta Schwem
03 - Verschimmelte Turnhose - Britta Schwem
04 - Von Taschentüchern - Britta Schwem
05 - Umkleide - Julius Grimm
06 - B-Seite - Julius Grimm
07 - Viel zu spät - Jakob Schreier
08 - Ich erinnere mich an nichts - Jakob Schreier
09 - Pina - Ella Cieslinski
10 - Hinter der Tannengruppe - Ella Cieslinski
11 - Blut im Spitzenunterhemd - Laura Schäfer
12 - Teich im wilden Garten - Laura Schäfer
13 - Der Schnee ist mein Revier - Christian Kratz
14 - Loveparade, Duisburg 2010 - Victoria Cassens
15 - Dunkle Tiefe - Bernd Blaschke
16 - Kletter-Affe - Bernd Blaschke
17 - Punk in Birkenstock - Chiara Grabmayr
18 - Halbe Welt - Hannah Grossmann
19 - Wohnung - Nicolai Zeitler
20 - Es wabert in mir - Katrin Arendt
21 - Mitten im August - Katrin Arendt
22 - Schwertvergleich - Ferdinand Arthuber
23 - Die Dächer von Ahwaz - Diana Andriotis
24 - Frottee-Generation - Diana Andriotis
25 - Durch den Park - Naira Cavero Orihuel
26 - Hochtief - Oscar Lauterbach
27 - Keine Rose ist keine Rose... - Isabelle Bertolone
28 - Strandlandschaft - Isabelle Bertolone
29 - Um Viertel vor Sieben - Isabelle Bertolone
30 - Meine Fuge - Sarah Bräuer

2010: Rewrite it!

Screenplay symposium with distinguished writers, directors, commissioning editors and producers
 “Rewrite it!” – a sentence familiar to every screenwriter! For the development of a script is something in which many people are involved: commissioning editors, producers, directors. Our two-day screenplay symposium held on 20 and 21 May 2010 in the Seidlvilla examined the question: How exactly does a screenplay evolve?
The invited writers, directors, commissioning editors and producers talked about their work, with reference to a specific project. The audience comprised HFF and Theater Academy students, along with interested writers: journalists, authors and German literature scholars.

Guests  / lecturers:

1.    Prof. Doris Dörrie
2.    Stefanie Sycholt
3.    Alina Teodorescu
4.    Ruth Stadler
5.    Julia von Heinz
6.    Feo Aldag
7.    Dirk Kämper
8.    Sung-Hyung Cho
9.    Benjamin Heisenberg
10.    Lars Montag
11.    Baran Odar
12.    Friedrich Ani
13.    Christian Jeltsch
14.    Dorothee Schön
15.    Jobst Oetzmann
16.    Klaus Stern
17.    Ralf Husmann
18.    Beate Langmaack
19.    Laila Stieler
20.    Bernd Böhlich
21.    Benedikt Röskau
22.    Sylivia Leuker
23.    Rolf Basedow
24.    Carl Bergengruen
25.    Daniel Nocke
26.    Ruth Toma

The symposium drew freelance authors from all genres, students and the inquisitive alike. For more information, go to!
A special highlight was the evening event on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.: ”La Triviata – the Impro-Opera!” Four classical singers and a pianist improvised arias on prompts from the audience, Duets and entire operas!

2013: Games & transmedia formats - interdisciplinary workshop

In cooperation with the Munich DOK.fest and the Munich TALENT FORUM initiative of the Bavarian Film Center

In this multi-departmental (Depts. III to VII) interdisciplinary 5-day workshop, national and international transmedia formats were presented and discussed in lectures and panels.
The students, from different major programs at art schools around Bavaria, were supported by distinguished mentors. Each afternoon, in a combined interdisciplinary effort, they created preliminary concepts for transmedia formats. At the end of the workshop, the students teamed up to develop one or more story worlds, which they then presented with a minimum of two different transmedia format ideas (GAMES & DOCUMENTARY FILM) to a jury.
An initiative of the MUNICH TALENT FORUM of the BAVARIAN FILM CENTER, at the of HFF Munich, in cooperation with the CREATIVE WRITING Chair.

2009: Book project for screenwriting students

Intensive seminar, with Keto von Waberer, for publication by Primero Verlag

In an intensive seminar with novelist Keto Von Waberer, twelve screenwriting students developed short stories, published under the title Das Leuchten unter dem Eis (Primero Verlag).
Reading from Das Leuchten unter dem Eis, with Prof. Doris Dörrie.

Short stories by Katharina Eyssen, Markus Brandmair, Nadine Keil and Michael Krummenacher, at the Munich Literature House in 2009.

YOUTUBE Reading Part 1
YOUTUBE Reading Part 2