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A Greek island. The unemployed Tassos and his girlfriend Niki have to move out of their house. It will be torn down to build a new road. They decide to emigrate to Niki's homeland Bulgaria. But both fear what is to come and cannot part from what they leave behind. Tassos starts to fight a group of strangers, who steal stones from their garden wall. Niki hides behind sarcasm and takes to drinking. When they realize how far they have drifted apart, it already seems too late.

Filmfestival MAX OPHÜLS PREIS//2017

Fünf Seen Filmfestival//2017

International Short Film Festival in Drama//2017

Greek Film Fest Chicago//2017

royal starr film festival//2017

Award in the category Best Director Short

faludi international youth film festival//2017

Early Bird International Student Film Festival//2017

Award in the category Best Foreign Film

International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima//2017

Pentedattilo Film Festival//2017

Thess - Thessaloniki Festival für Kurzfilme//2017

SHORT to the point//2017

Shorts Offenburg//2018

Let's Cee Film Festival//2018

Filmfest Dresden || Internationales Festival für Animations- und Kurzfilm//2018

Headline International Film Festival//2018

Award in the category Award of Merit

Days of German and Russian short films VKRATZE!//2018

Ischia Film Festival//2018

Lebanese Independent Film Festival//2018

Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival//2018

Siren Film Festival//2018

Linz International Short Film Festival//2018

Orlando Film Festival//2018

COLLATERAL 102 Film Festival//2019

Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin//2019

Award in the category Best Performance