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An old brazilian legend says that „Saudade“ was created by the African gods that the enslaved people don’t forget their beloved ones and where they come from.
Triggered by the disease of her father the afro Brazilian directress Denize Galiao explores her deepest feelings for her home and her roots which she does not want to lose after 20 years of living in Germany. The word Saudade which cannot be translated into any other language is the red line through the story of a family that lives between two different cultures.
The movie „Saudade“ is the result of a time in my life when I had to live between two worlds, Brazil and Germany, caused by the disease of my parents. Saudade is a feeling which can be translated as deep longing. This word plays a big role in Portuguese language and was the perfect way to tell my story of migration and about the disappearance of my home. Through this film the the viewer dives into my world of feelings, goes on a journey between Brazil and Germany and jumps into the past, present and future.

IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam//27.11.2019

Award in the category IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

ASBH Awards//21.12.2019

Award in the category Student Section

Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche//14.3.2020

Nomination in the category Bayernfenster


Nomination in the category Junge Doks

It's All True International Documentary Film Festival //24.9.2020

Nomination in the category International Short Film Competition

Millenium International Documentary Film Festival Brüssel//16.10.2020

Nomination in the category Shorts International Competition

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival//2.4.2020

Award in the category Full Frame President's Award

Grenzland-Filmtage Selb //16.4.2020

Nomination in the category Official Competition

FIDÉ - Festival International du Documentaire Émergent//22.4.2020

Ethnocineca Filfestival//7.5.2020

Nomination in the category Ethnocineca Student Shorts Award

dotdotdot Festival//18.8.2020

Nomination in the category Ethnocineca: Roots and Ties

MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival//19.8.2020

Fünf Seen Internationales Filmfestival//30.8.2020

Nomination in the category ShortPlus Wettbewerb

Provinziale - Filmfest Eberswalde//10.10.2020

Best Of International Short Films Festival//8.10.2020

Aesthetica Short Film Festival//4.11.2020

Verzio Film Fest//2020

Nomination in the category Student & Debut Film Competition

sehsüchte || Internationales Studentenfilmfestival//24.7.2021

Nomination in the category Bester Dokumentarfilm Kurz

OpenEyes Filmfest Marburg//24.7.2021