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    Eileen Byrne

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Touch Me

Alice has cancer. She has already lost one breast. And now her hair starts to fall out. What else will the disease take away from her? Moritz, her boyfriend, is as overwhelmed by the situation as she is. The fear of losing each other makes them almost forget the one thing they can still hang on to: their love ... for each other and for themselves.

Energa Camerimage International Film Festival//2018

Nomination in the category Student Etudes Competition

Student Academy Awards//2018

Nomination in the category International Film Schools - Narrative

FIRST STEPS || Wettbewerb für Abschlussfilme deutschsprachiger Filmschulen//24.9.2018

Nomination in the category Kurz- und Animationsfilm

Max-Ophüls-Festival Saarbrücken//14.1.2019

Submission in the category Kurzfilmwettbewerb