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Kenya, Africa. SUSANNE (41), Special Representative African Horn (EUSR) of the EEAS, visits a small and isolated village with her entourage. The villagers had become victims of an terroristic organization and they put all their hopes into Susans presence. For her, this visit is daily routine. She wants to help, but the political realism restricts her possible actions. But after a terrible accident, triggered by Susans presence, she gets forced to leave her comfort zone and evolves against her established structures.

Max-Ophüls-Festival Saarbrücken//17.1.2021

Nomination in the category Mittellanger Film

Student Academy Awards//15.9.2021

Nomination in the category Narrative International

sehsüchte || Internationales Studentenfilmfestival//21.7.2021

Award in the category Beste Produktion

Fünf Seen Internationales Filmfestival//19.8.2021

Nomination in the category Short Plus Award

Filmfestival Münster //19.9.2021

Nomination in the category Europäischer Kurzfilmwettbewerb

Biberacher Filmfestspiele//2021

Nomination in the category Kurzspielfilm

Wendland Shorts//25.9.2021

Nomination in the category Kurzfilm


Submission in the category Shortfilm